Translation is not about words.

It’s about what the words are about.

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Have your texts and documents translated by our skilled technical translators. Place your trust in our experienced project managers.

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We offer an interpreting service to help you ensure that at events with an international audience every participant can be properly understood.

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With our varied teaching formats we can provide you with bespoke training solutions. This helps to facilitate everyday communication with your business partners abroad, and your employees will gain self-confidence on the job.

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To enable us to offer high quality services, we concentrate on the core areas of our customers in the region. Our working languages comprise all European languages and Arabic.

Automotive, clean technology, information and communication technologies, creative industries, life sciences and mechanical engineering... not only do foreign companies value the high-tech standards and high-quality training of the skilled workforce in Central Germany, but Saxony-Anhalt is also an ideal location offering rapid logistical access to the growth markets in Western and Eastern Europe.

The academic institutions, organisations and universities based in the region drive innovation in these sectors. For this reason we also work closely with such customers and frequently conclude cooperation agreements that enable the continuity and rapid availability of our interpreters and translators.

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  • All European languages
  • Arabic

Fields of expertise

  • Automotive
  • Cleantech
  • Information and communication technology
  • Creative industries
  • Life science
  • Mechanical engineering